[ Membership Sunday ]

“Together for Maturity”

It seems so often that we live in a commitment-phobic society where people just aren’t encouraged to ‘stick it out’. Personal freedom, flexibility and choice are prized above all else. If we don’t like something we change it. Our appearance, our career, our place of residence and even our spouse.

Without even thinking we can approach church with the same attitude and we reduce church to a meeting we attend and we choose one, based on our preference of songs and style of presentation. If this is our approach then when someone says something we don’t like or challenges our behaviour then we simply walk away and nd another meeting to attend.

The Bible though has no concept of church as simply a weekly meeting or series of meetings. It’s much much more profound than that, it’s people who are so inextricably connected together that they can be likened to a body, if one part hurts they hurt.

A community of people who are committed to God and committed to one another, who spend time together, eat together, do the dishes together, read the Bible and pray together, care for one another, invest in each others lives and who help each other find strength, hope, purpose and meaning in the person and work of Jesus! Committed to each others growth, development and maturity.

The only way we’ll really grow as christians is in the context of this kind of community where there is security, love and trust.

Being committed to each other is important, that’s one of the reasons that we have membership at Redeemer Church.

Owen Hayward
(Elder – Redeemer Church)

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