[ Houston Update: 30th August ]

One of the joys of being a part of the Advance group of churches is we get to have relationship with churches all over the world and stand with them in prayer at various points in joy and in sadness.

I am sure many of you will be aware of the situation in Texas with Hurricane Harvey and the devastating floods which are affecting the area. Not so many of you will know that we have an Advance church called OneLife Church in Houston, which is right in the centre of it all. The eldership team of that church is lead by Brian Barr and yesterday he put a brief personal update on his Facebook page which we have put below for you to read.

“Personal update: The current forecast calls for another night of heavy rain, and I’m not sure we can make it that long. It’s pouring and the water is visibly rising towards our front door. The lake in the back of our subdivision is full. Normally, it serves to drain the back half our neighbourhood and has historically worked great. We’ve never had problems with drainage, and have been quite proud of that fact. Now the lake is full and pouring in through the back of our neighbourhood. This means that all the rain from the lake, plus all the rain in the back half of our neighbourhood is coming to the front of my street to drain. Our drain is not keeping pace. If the rain doesn’t relent, our house will flood.

Amazing the emotions you have to wrestle through to come to terms with the possibility of your home being flooded. Earlier Rach and I sat down and prayed, we gave it to God and accepted it’s potential reality. Once we did, we’ve been at peace. What is in jeopardy doesn’t really matter, it’s just stuff and a whole lot of inconvenience. We’re not in danger, we’ll be ok. We’re still praying that God would stay the storm. I prayed on the porch with my kids as we held hands in a circle and was blessed by their faith, I think God was too. I’m trusting God we won’t flood but, choosing to not be defeated if we do. We are pressed but, not crushed. We’re fixing our eyes on Jesus. We are not without hope.”

Can we encourage you to please stand with us in praying for them and those in the area during these difficult times. The latest news is that rain will continue to fall (in some areas double) for the next few days which will result in more and more people’s houses flooding. Please pray that the rain will soon stop, the water levels will begin to reduce and there will be no loss of life.

Last night (29th August) Nathan Miller, one of the team at OneLife posted this update on Facebook (Click here).

We will try to keep you updated as we get more information from them.

Image credit: http://bdnews24.com/world/2017/08/27/at-least-one-dead-after-storm-harvey-catastrophic-flood-threat-in-texas

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