[ Houston Update: 13th September ]

Dear Church,

As hurricanes and earthquakes continue to cause high levels of devastation and loss of life around the world, including the Caribbean and Florida; we want to ask you to continue praying for those affected, but we also want to update you on what’s happening in Houston. We’re all too aware that the impact of recent storms and earthquakes is widespread and that there is there’s much work to do in all the places affected by these terrible storms.

There are many good organisations whom you could support at this time; the reason we’re highlighting Houston is because we’ve got personal relationship there and we know people who are on the ground helping families. By supporting the work that OneLife Church are doing we’re supporting people who are speaking about the love of God as well as showing the love of God as they help their communities to rebuild.

You can find the most recent news and updates from volunteer teams at reachbayareahouston.com

If you’d like to give financially towards the work that’s being carried out by OneLife Church volunteers you can do that online at OneLife Church’s dedicated giving website here.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Much love.

Owen, Grant and Toby.

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