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Hi, my name is Rodolpho and this is my family: Viviane, Calebe and Pedro.

I would like to share some of my story with you of what God has been doing in our lives.

Discovering my calling from God

When I was just ten years old, my church welcomed a missionary. She had just arrived from Angola and she told us many stories about her work for God. After she had finished her testimony, she asked if anyone else felt called towards missionary work. I was very impressed by the things she had described, and I simply said

“Here I am. Use me Lord”

In 2004 I started to work with street children. During this time, I grew in my understanding of God’s Fatherly love and learnt more about Him alongside the children I worked with. I came to know God’s heart as my Father in a more real way.

It was amazing to see Jesus changing lives. For example, there was boy I worked with called Hanny who is now around 21years old. He is now married and has started a beautiful family. He also works in Brazil as a Jiu-Jitsu teacher since learning this martial art at the project for street children.

After working for two years with these children, I did a course in 2006 with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) called DTS (Discipleship Training School). The course involved three months of theorical lessons and two months of outreach work, including evangelism and serving the local church. During my outreach work, I travelled to Angola, where I met Viviane. Whilst we were in Angola, we felt that God was calling us to Africa to share the good news of the gospel. We especially felt called to share the gospel message with children and young people through art, music and by demonstrating Christ’s impact in our lives.

In 2008 Viviane and I got married. In 2009 God sent us as a family to Worcester in South Africa. We studied English and The Bible. After this we joined YWAM as staff members at a project in Worcester. In South Africa in 2010, God blessed us with our first son! We named him Calebe Dias Rosa.

We helped run a community centre where children could learn music and have meals. We also worked as staff in a DTS course, raising up young people as disciples and releasing them to other nations. At this time, Viviane also did a nursing course and worked in local projects in communities affected by poverty. She has a real gift for showing God’s love to people by taking care them.

As a family, God has spoken many promises over us. One of these is that we are going to bless many nations with our hands by planting churches and through art and social work. In 2013 we returned to Brazil and God blessed us with our second son! We named him Pedro Dias Rosa.

From 2014 to 2018 we worked in Brazil, planting a church in my home town of Goiania (back in the place where everything started). I loved the people and I went on to be the pastor of my church for almost four years. During this time, my love for God’s church grew and I felt a strong sense that God would be calling me to church plant one day.

Circumstances changed during 2018 and we felt a fresh desire to for missionary work. We received a word from God that he wanted us to go to the Middle East and support our brothers and sisters who are sharing the good news of God’s Kingdom there. We will be joining a YWAM base in Bahrain and helping to run the church there.

Our time in England

We are staying in England to improve our children’s English and to strengthen relationships with the church. We are staying with friends who have been a blessing in our lives. We have joined with Redeemer Church in Tavistock who have welcomed us as part of their families.

We have seen God doing amazing things. The boys are doing well in school and God is providing everything for them; friends, bikes and toys! (everything that they had to leave in Brazil). God is showing us that He is the Greatest Father.

Viviane is studying English at a language school and she`s doing well. I have been going with Steve every Tuesday to Redeemer church in Plymouth to learn more about planting churches. This will be a great tool to have during my time in Bahrain.

The next step on our Journey is the Middle East .

We feel that God is calling us to Bahrain to share the gospel.

Our aim is to start a Community Centre

Where we will promote music events for young people so that they can express their arts and talents. During these events, we hope to create relationships with the young people so that we can work with them in small groups.

These young people will then have the opportunity to learn skills which will help to improve their families’ income. For example: sewing classes, painting, recycling, and computer classes.

We want to see Gods Kingdom come to the Middle East by giving support to local churches and projects which are already up and running, helping with bible studies and with evangelism in the prisons.

Our Vision for Bahrain

1)       Support the local church

2)       Mobilise people and the church

3)       Recruit volunteers

4)       Rent a place for the YWAM community

5)       Start a movement in the local community and involve them in the project

6)       Raise disciples

7)      Establish churches in homes

Prayer requests

For our children to adapt well to life in Bahrain.

For our visa process to be as straightforward as possible.

For the YWAM team and church leaders in Bahrain.

For financial support to get us to Bahrain and support us when we are there.

Written by Rodolpho Rosa.

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